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Poster Session

Each poster will be put on a panel, 1 m wide x2 m high, allowing to contain a poster in A0 size (0,8 m x 1,2 m).

For all presenters (in face to face or online), we would like to ask you to present your poster in 3min in video (ideally in format MP4 and codec h264). We ask you to send us your video by wetransfer on before the 10th November to be implemented in our platform.

For those who can not join Senlis, you can send the pdf file of your poster in A0 format (0,8 m x 1,2 m). We will print it out and fix it on the day. For those who will be in Senlis, you can either send us your pdf file before the 5th November. In fact, we take care of checking the quality of the file, formatting it in a Fatigue Design template, as well as its printing

A poster award will be attributed by a jury for the best poster presentation with a special prize.

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