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STRMTG, Domaine Universitaire de Grenoble, Saint-Martin d'Hères, France



In order to predict fatigue lifetime of cableways installations components, EN 1993-1-9 standard (Eurocode 3) is commonly used. However, EN 1993-1-9 is based on a major hypothesis : stress state has to be uniaxial. But for some components, this uniaxial hypothesis is not verified (for example : fixed grip of chairlift submitted to horizontal tightening stress and vertical load stress, or chairlift structure stressed by gravity and lateral shake when passing a pylon). It then appears important to use a fatigue criterion taking into account multiaxial stress state. Our research work proposes to apply for fatigue study the Dang Van criterion, which takes into account multiaxial stress state. Results are then compared to Eurocode SN curves, representing a huge experimental database on unixaxial fatigue, that we propose to use in multiaxial fatigue thanks to an appropriate recalibration. The scientific originality of this work lies in the justification of that Dang Van criterion’s recalibration. Therefore, a theorical study ensures that our use of Dang Van’s multiaxial criterion is still consistant with the Eurocode SN curve even if these SN curves are experimentally performed under uniaxial stress state. Finally, that hitherto unpublished use of the Dang Van criterion makes it possible to consider the entire database of detail categories defined in EN 1993-1-9, by generalising their use for components under multiaxial fatigue.


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