C amilo Gonzalez Olier

Universidad Simon Bolivar, Barranquilla, Colombia & Universidad del Norte, Barranquilla, Colombia

Mechanical Engineer, Master in Mechanical Engineering. Interest in the field of mechanical design and materials. - Research professor at Simon Bolivar University, Colombia.


Electro-welded wire mesh is a grid formed by longitudinal and transverse wires welded by means of electrical resistance at the intersection points. This mesh is widely used in civil constructions in different applications that include as reinforcements in structural elements. Due to its reduced cost and installation time, is frequently utilized in Latin American countries. However, the use of this mesh in structural elements is at least controversial due to its limited ductility in combination with the welding process used to join the wires during the manufacturing process of the mesh. In this work, the monotonic and cyclical behavior of electro-welded meshes manufactured in Colombia is studied experimentally. The meshes in this study fulfil the requirements for the standard ASTM 1064. The cyclic mechanical behavior of the material is modeled using Ramberg-Osgood model, and the model parameters are adjusted based on experimental data and using Least squares. The results show that Ramberg-Osgood model predicts accurately the cyclic mechanical behavior.


Room 10Thursday 30th November09:00-09:30Camilo Gonzales Olier
S11-1 Non-linear behavior and cumulative damage
81 - Cyclic mechanical behavior of electro-welded meshes used as structural reinforcement
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