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Crane industries and industrial lifting companies aims to reduce the overall weight of the winch and limit the systematic use of steel wire rope in order to increase their competitiveness. This overall weight reduction can result from the lightering of the rope using synthetic material. Metallic rope fatigue behaviours are well documented and criteria for maintenance are established in the ISO 4309 standard unlike non-metallic ropes fatigue behaviours. Many unknowns remain as failure modes, fatigue strength, ratting criteria, tribological behaviour and friction, etc...

In this context, CETIM and its industrial partners within a working group have launched research program to evaluate the fatigue performance of synthetic ropes subjected to periodic bending stress. A specific scale 1:1 test bench which simulates the winding of the rope around the pulleys and drums was developed and Fatigue tests was performed on synthetic ropes. This test bench can be used on several rope geometries and dimensions, material (aramid, HMPE…), and loadings.

This paper presents the test bench and discusses the experimental methodology developed to test synthetic ropes in fatigue bending mode.


Room 8Wednesday 29th November17:30-18:00Francis Blanc
S07-2 Experimental and numerical design and validation methods
63 - Fatigue strength of synthetic rope
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