L loyd Hackel

Curtiss Wright Surface Technologies - Metal Improvement Company, Livermore, USA

Director for Sales & Business Development Europe & Asia, Curtis-Wright Surface Technologies


This study investigated thermal and mechanical relaxation of residual stresses and fatigue strength following hot-corrosion of single-crystal CMSX-4 laser peened (LP) and a cyclic LP plus annealing (LP+TME) processes. Stress measurements showed LP plastic penetration exceeded shot peening depth by a factor of 25.  Specimens were exposed to sulphate corrosives at 700°C for 300 hours and then fatigue tested. Five non-LP specimens failed in low cycle whereas three LP samples achieved multi-million-cycle runout, indicating consistent large benefit by laser peening. Fatigue strength tests achieved improvement of 2:1. Post-fatigue RS measurement showed 5 mm depth eigenstress remaining in an LP specimen.


Room 9Thursday 30th November14:00-14:30Lloyd Hackel
S10-2 Fatigue under severe environmental conditions
38 - Effects of high energy laser peening followed by pre-hot corrosion on stress relaxation, microhardness and fatigue life and strength of single crystal nickel CMSX-4® superalloy
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