M artin Matušů

CTU in Prague, Prague, Czech Republic

Martin Matušů is a Ph.D. student and a employee at the Czech Technical University in Prague (since 2019). He received a Master’s in Applied Mechanics. His research interest includes fatigue of additively manufactured metals, additive manufacturing in general, and infrared thermography.


This presented study focuses on examining four different heat treatment conditions and their impact on fatigue life performance of additively manufactured AlSi10Mg specimens. The main focus is on the High Cycle Fatigue (HCF) domain and its transition to the Fatigue Limit (FL) domain. Four different heat treatments are applied to obtain four series of specimens with an identical hourglass geometry. Fatigue experiments have been carried out in the uniaxial tension with the stress ratio of 0.1 on a resonant machine. All specimens are additively manufactured using Selective Laser Melting (SLM) technology in a single print batch to eliminate any inconsistence caused due to their printing in several platforms. The surface of specimens in the active area is kept as printed, without any additional machining operation. The temperature was measured with a thermal camera during cyclic dynamic loading as an additional parameter for the characterization of different heat treatments of all tested specimen. The surface temperature is thanks to the Self-Heating effect (S-H) directly linked with a heat dissipation during dynamic loading. A specific self-heating test with subsequently increased load amplitude in individual load steps is presented to determine a stabilized temperature in each step for a further analysis. The paper thus presents the standard HCF response of AM specimens and the thermal response to the applied heat treatment and discusses the observed output.


Room 7Thursday 30th November11:15-11:45Martin Matušů
S07-4 Experimental and numerical design and validation methods
50 - The effect of heat treatment on fatigue strength of additively manufactured AlSi10Mg
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