R ando Tungga Dewa

Republic of Indonesia Defense University, Sentul, Indonesia

Dr. Eng. Rando Tungga Dewa, S.T., M. Eng. Focuses on fracture mechanics field in the advanced technology. He is an Assistant Professor in Mechanical Engineering Department, RIDU. He has done some research topics include Nuclear Reactor Gen-IV design, vibration fatigue on structures, and advanced additive manufacturing technologies on energetic materials. He, at least published more than 20 peer-reviewed articles and attended 50 symposiums with H-index 9.


This paper investigates the effect of strain rate on the properties of Alloy 617 under low-cycle fatigue (LCF) in room temperature (RT). The LCF life properties and the damage mechanism are studied for this Alloy over a range of strain rate (5E-4 ~ 1E-2 s-1) under fully-reversed controlled total strain range of 1.2%. It is found that LCF life of Alloy 617 is strongly influenced by the time-dependent mechanism, in terms of slow strain rate test (SSRT). The relationship between total strain, plastic strain, and time to failure with strain rates are established and expressed by means of power law function to describe the fatigue life. Metallography examination is carried out on the fractured specimens with the help of electron microscope and the fractography is discussed to distinguish the effect of SSRT on the physical damage characteristic under LCF loadings.


Poster Session00:00-00:00Rando Tungga Dewa
9 - Cyclic strain rate dependent behaviour of Alloy 617
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