S idonie Pinaroli

ENSAM, Paris, France



Structural adhesives are commonly used in the automotive field. They have undeniable qualities, but their introduction in the phases of numerical simulations requires a good knowledge of their behavior. For now, the endurance characterization of bonded assemblies is carried out by a succession of costly and time-consuming tests that are incompatible with a project schedule. The presented work is setting up a methodology in order to numerically determine the endurance life of a bonded assembly from experimental tests on the adhesive only. These experimental tests determine the simulation parameters needed to apply the Crossland fatigue criterion on a simulated bonded joint using cohesive element. The results of this methodology allow the construction of a reference curve which is the link between the induced displacements in the cohesive elements and an associated life time of the assembly.


Room 9Thursday 30th November11:15-11:45Sidonie Pinaroli
S09-4 Fatigue of assemblies
37 - Damage modelling of structural adhesive under cyclic sollicitations : Automotive application
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