S ofia Pelizzoni

University of Padova, Padua, Italy

My name is Sofia Pelizzoni and i am attending my first year of PhD course in Industrial Engineering at the University of Padova, under the supervision of prof. Giovanni Meneghetti. My research field concerns the notch and defect sensitivity in multiaxial fatigue of components for marine engines.


Among the energy-based approaches for fatigue life estimation of steel specimens, the experimental method based on the specific heat loss per cycle Q proved effective. The parameter Q is readily evaluable using temperature measurements and was validated through a considerable number of experimental results. It constitutes an effective fatigue damage index able to synthesize in a single scatter band results generated from fatigue tests in different conditions for a given material. More in detail, testing conditions differed for (i) specimens’ geometries, i.e. plain and notched, (ii) loading conditions, consisting of pure axial or torsion, and multiaxial loadings and (iii) mean stress, the latter requiring the use of a properly defined temperature-corrected parameter Q¯ . Therefore, the Q-based approach has been employed in the present investigation for fatigue strength assessment of plain and bluntly notched specimens, extracted from a 42CrMo4 Q&T connecting rod big end of a marine engine. Stress- and strain-controlled constant amplitude fatigue tests were carried out on an axial servo-hydraulic MTS machine, adopting R=-1 and R=0.5. For each specimen, the Q parameter evolution was monitored by suddenly stop the fatigue test several times during the same test and measuring the cooling gradient of material temperature. As result, two types of fatigue curves were obtained: 1) the traditional stress-life (S-N) curves, each of them fitted on results derived from the same geometry and R-ratio, 2) the single Q¯- N curve, fitted on all results independently of the geometry and R-ratio, assuming the Q¯ representative value at 50% of total life.


Room 9Wednesday 29th November14:00-14:30Sofia Pelizzoni
S08-1 Fatigue and manufacturing process
31 - Analysis of the uniaxial fatigue behaviour of 42CrMo4 Q&T specimens extracted from the big end of a marine engine connecting rod using the heat energy-based approach
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